Conveying comprehensive management know-how in a practical and sustainable manner

Our General Management Business Simulation conveys economic and managerial correlations and makes entrepreneurship tangible. It addresses students in their first degree (i.e. bachelor and master programs) of all economics and business-related studies.

The participants compete against each other in teams of up to six people in a dynamic and realistic business competition. 

As a team, they pick up their duty as board members of their own virtual company and make decisions in the areas of marketing, sales, human resources, production, logistics, finance and accounting. With the help of an extensive controlling system with detailed financial reports, they develop strategies and transfer these into corporate decisions round by round. Thereby, the participants develop a thorough understanding of the operational processes within a company and learn to think and act as entrepreneurs in a highly practical and sustainable manner.

The overall objective is to increase the own company value in terms of the Economic Value Added. After eight weeks, the team with the highest company value wins the competition.

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Benefits for lecturers:

  • Extensive communication through MARGA: From the very beginning, MARGA will communicate with the participants and keep you up-to-date on the content and the ranking of your teams. 
  • Individual Tutoring: MARGA is well-known for its intensive tutoring through highly skilled senior experts. Even during the self-directed online phases, the tutors support all participants in content-related, organizational and technical questions. 
  • Realistic Market Environment: In the simulation the current political and economic events depict a realistic and dynamic environment which constantly confronts the teams with new entrepreneurial challenges. 
  • Competition: Both, the identification with their own company and the direct competition between the teams generates emotions and increase the learning motivation. 
  • Final Exam: The learning content can be questioned in a final oral or written exam. We will provide you with possible questions and answers. 
  • Sustainability: The 'learning by doing' method and the repeated application of the newly gained managerial knowledge within a realistic corporate environment lead to a particularly sustainable learning effect. 
  • Teamwork: The participants train their ability to work as a team and make all management decisions together. An efficient and targeted planning and decision-making process in a team thus turns out to be a critical success factor.

References from the university environment

Three-day face-to-face seminar for the full-time MBA students
Three-day online program for the Master´s in Management (MIM) students

Blended Learning Program for the students of the "MEDIADESIGN Hochschule (MDH)" in Düsseldorf

Online Business Simulation Competition with a duration of eight weeks for the students of the "Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM)"

Blended Learning Program with a duration of ten weeks for the participants of the certification course "Finance & Controlling"

Regular participation in the Open Online Competition (duration: six months)

Participation in the Open Online Competition "MARGA for Students" for the participnats of the Industry Immersion Program at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)

What I particularly appreciate about 'MARGA for Students' is the extensive service. I have divided my students into teams and registered them for the competition. From then on, MARGA carried out the technical set-up and took over all communication with the participants. At the decision deadlines, I was always informed about the current focal points and the ranking of my teams in the competition. My students were thoroughly supported by MARGA and learned a lot from a different format and a further university external perspective.“

Prof. Dr. Jochen Zimmermann, Professor of Business Administration, Accounting and Control, University of Bremen

MARGA for Students
Open Competition for teams

Open Online Business Competition for students, who compete in teams against teams from other universities. The team with the highest company value wins the competition.

Inhouse Business Simulation Programs for Students

For students, we offer business simulation competitions in the formats online training, two to three-day face-to-face seminars and blended learning programs with online and face-to-face modules.

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