Service Management

Customers first! Our service management business simulation addresses the peculiarities of service companies. As in reality, the focus is on the customer. Depending on the individual target groups, specific marketing and sales measures have to be implemented. In the areas B2B and B2C, the board teams direct their activities and resources towards the specific requirements of different customer segments. The teams deal with topics such as strategy and marketing, capacities and investments as well as finance and controlling. The objective is to ensure long-term customer satisfaction, so that personnel and material resources can be turned into entrepreneurial success.

The overall target is to increase the company value, as measured by the Economic Value Added, EVA.

  • Learning contents

    The participants

    • get to know the cooperation between all of the functional areas in the entire interrelationship of the business.
    • weigh up entrepreneurial risks and make real decisions.
    • use financial information and make substantial decisions.
    • align their services to the specific needs of different target groups in the sectors B2B and B2C.
    • transfer strategic decisions into operative measures.
    • control their resources.
    • develop a customized mix of different communication measures.
    • transfer the principles of value-orientated management into specific actions.
    • get to know the drivers that positively influence the value of the company.

  • Benefits of the business simulation

    Realistic market environment
    A realistic and dynamic corporate environment reflects current political and economic events, which repeatedly present new challenges to the teams.

    The team with the highest company value wins the competition. The identification with their own company and the direct competition between the teams arouses emotions and enthusiasm.

    The 'learning by doing' method and the repeated application of what has been learned promote the practice transfer into their own work area and result in a sustainable learning effect.

    The participants train their teamwork skills and make all decisions jointly. An efficient and targeted planning and decision-making process in the team is therefore a critical success factor.

    Personal tutoring
    MARGA is well-known for its particularly intensive tutoring. During the self-directed online phases, our tutors also support all participants in content, organizational and technical matters.

  • Target groups

    Young Professionals (e.g. career entrants, trainees, junior managers)

    • Deepen and apply business fundamentals
    • Get to know how all company divisions are interlinked

    Experts (e.g. project managers, specialists)

    • Take an overall company perspective
    • Step out of the own functional area and gain understanding of other areas

    High Potentials (e.g. high potentials, talents)

    • Align management decisions to overall company target systems
    • Develop and accept the own role as a decision maker

    Executives (e.g. managers, senior managers)

    • Focus on strategic orientation and financial-economic targets
    • Seize dynamic changes in all areas of the company

Direct contact

Dr. Sandra Wagner


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Developing strategies together, sharing success and failure, winning as a team, that was a great experience for our team.

Michael Anslinger, Member of the Management Board Deutschland/Region Central, CEO DB Schenker Rail Deutschland AG

Our inhouse programs

We develop flexible programs focussing on "Service Management" in the formats in-class, online or blended learning. In doing so, we focus on your target groups and your organizational framework.

Inhouse Business Simulation video: short and simple (1:32)

Inhouse Business Simulation video: short and simple (1:32)

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