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Sustainable management training for Senior Executives : Business Simulations

According to their corporate responsibility senior executives have to meet certain demands. Thereby this target group has to show expertise and social competences as well as has to focuses particularly on the strategic orientation and financial key performance indicators.

In the business simulation senior executives experience management in a short period of time. They make corporate decisions and immediately perceive also the long-term consequences.

Our experience

For executives who take decisions along the management chain of a business we recommend our classic General Management busines simulation. It focuses on competitive strategies in terms of positioning products on the market and the operational implementation of that strategy in all company areas.

For executives operating in the area of Controlling or Strategic Management and for the company management itself.we recommend our business simulation "Strategic Management". Participants focus on the corporate perspective and have to lead a holding with different business units to success. This includes making decisions concerning finance. controlling and portfolio management as well as developing competitive strategies.

Success stories: MARGA for Executives

MARGA Strategy as part of ESMT European School of Management and Technology Seminar

The General Management Seminar (GMS) has implemented MARGA in terms of strategic management. Connected with the seminar contens corporate strategy can be practiced in a realistic manner.

The participants especially liked the exciting possibility to buy and sell business units to their competitors within the business simulation.

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The business simulation MARGA Strategy has been a unique opportunity for me, as a new managing director with a technical background, to learn the coherences of strategic decisions and economic key figures in a practical way. The fact that our team has won gave me additional self-confidence..

Dr. Tanja Lindermeier-Kuhnke, Geschäftsführerin GuS Glass + Safety

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