High Potentials

Preparing High Potentials for leading positions with a business simulation

High Potentials are well-educated and experienced employees, who are preparing for the management level. The MARGA business simulations can support this preparation for the next career step: In the business simulation the participants focus on the corporate perspective and leadership skills.
Within a team they develop and implement corporate strategies: From the corporate and competitive strategy, to the planning of resources and finances up to value-based company management.

Launching the next carrer step with MARGA

A business simulation prepares High Potentials to take responsibility for their decisions and company. They consider the risks and chances, discuss advantages and disadvantages within their team and in the end make decisions and take the consequences of their actions. This process brings along a lot of room for discussions and requires an efficient division of labour. Therefore it is important to have leadership skills besides the managerial knowledge. This makes teamwork becoming a critical factor of success- not only in business simulations, but also in real life.

The target group of experts and managers mostly consists of specialists in their own areas. But at the same time they are part of the complex organization of a company, in which they play an important role.. Often these experts tend to focus too much on their specialized area, losing the touch to the whole picture.with its relations between all areas and processes of a company.

Being a reality based and practice-orientated business simulation, MARGA helps experts and managers gaining an entrepreneurial spirit and understanding the importance of their specialized area within the whole company.
As it takes place on-the-job, this General Management training can perfectly be used as further education for experts and managers.

Offer your high potentials the opportunity to experience entrepreneurial thinking and action! In the MARGA business simulation, participants learn to make well-founded decisions and take responsibility for them.

The choice of the suitable format depends on individual organizational factors of your company.

Direct contact

Andreas Nill


Whether a finalist or not - the MARGA slogan - ‚Learn to win!‘ – has definitely come true for everybody: Management skills have been improved, as well as teamwork and networking at Deutsche Telekom. The decision to integrate the MARGA business simulation in the management programs FEP and LDP has been crowned by success from HRD’s perspective!

Branislav Hosek / HRD
FEP/LDP organizing team, Deutsche Telekom AG

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