Business Simulations for Experts and Managers

The target group of experts and managers mostly consists of specialists in their own areas. But at the same time they are part of the complex organization of a company, in which they play an important role.. Often these experts tend to focus too much on their specialized area, losing the touch to the whole picture.with its relations between all areas and processes of a company.

Being a reality based and practice-orientated business simulation, MARGA helps experts and managers gaining an entrepreneurial spirit and understanding the importance of their specialized area within the whole company.
As it takes place on-the-job, this General Management training can perfectly be used as further education for experts and managers.

Provide the possibility of gaining managerial knowledge and becoming acquainted with cross-functional interrelations to the experts and managers working in your company.

The choice of the suitable format depends on individual organizational factors of your company.

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Dr. Sandra Wagner

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With MARGA, we have found an on-the-job training that conveys economic and managerial coherences to our engineers in a particularly practical way. Our team is thrilled and I am convinced that I have chosen a sustainable training method.

Michaele Voigt, Senior HR Manager, Lumileds Germany GmbH

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