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Systematic Human Resource Development with MARGA

The aim of Talent Management is the systematic identification and individual promotion of high performers. High performers are the decision makers of tomorrow! Their skills and high level of competence will ensure the future success of your company. The main focus of Talent Management is to attract and retain staff by offering them a perspective plus ongoing personal development.

MARGA offers individual solutions for this development process within Talent Management. Decisive is the particular need at different career stages. This fact leads to diverse target groups for which the MARGA business simulation offers different topics. For this purpose different formats, either online or as in-class seminars, or combined as a blended learning solution– your advantage: a maximum of flexibility adapted to your needs.

Feel free to contact us – together we will find a suitable talent management solution for your target groups.

Direct contact

Dr. Christoph Heinen
Tel.: +49 2235 406 312
E-mail: heinen@marga.de


MARGA is a business simulation in which the participants experience management live. According to your strategic orientation of your training course you can define a focus on different topics.

Target groups

Basically, the participants of our business simulations are employees of all company areas with and without managerial background: From Young Professionals, Experts and High Potentials to Executives.

Webinar on November 20, 2020

In the HR webinar, we explain how human resource managers can integrate our business simulations into their talent management program. We address target groups and topics and present our formats.

Participation in the webinar is free of charge and non-binding.

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