Strategy Execution

Rapid technological progress and continuously changing market conditions, force the management to take extensive strategic decisions. This comes along with massive changes within the actual organisation and an effect on all its divisions and functions.

In the business simulation ‚Strategy Execution‘ the participants are challenged to develop as well as to operationally implement their own business strategy.

In doing so, they get to know the complexity from an overall company perspective and in the simulation itself they have the chance to experience the entire change process directly. In terms of facing the pressure of having to adapt to changing frame conditions, as well as thinking in alterative scenarios up to the implementation of strategic turns in direction. Above all, these aspects have to be considered within all company sectors and functions.

Target group:

Experts, such as project managers or specialists of the middle management are in the focus of our business simulations targeted on change management. Here strategic decisions on the overall business direction are  necessary and have to be implemented accordingly. In such cases, it is indispensable for the middle management to stand in for and support these company decisions both internally and externally. As a matter of fact, the general understanding of a company as a whole is a clear precondition for this challenging task.   

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