Ranking: MARGA Online Competition

The Top Teams of the MARGA Online Competition

Every management simulation company and the products and services it offers is in direct competition with other teams and has to be able to assert itself in the market. The goal is to manage your company according to the principles of value-orientated management over several consecutive periods that build up on each other.

Qualification mode:

The real qualification mode begins with the main round. The objective is to increase the MARGA Value Added (MVA) of your company over all periods of the main round and to be first ranked within your group. In the end, the best 4 group winners will qualify to the final.

The Top 10 Ranking includes the ten group winners with the highest accumulated MARGA Value Added after the respective period of the main round. Since we're having 9 groups in this year's competition also one second ranked team in a group will be found in the top list. 

Top Ten lists

Here we will publish the rankings of the top 10 after the start of the main round.

Ranking Online Competition 2021/2022

Final Round - Period 5

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