Benefit from a dynamic business game format: Blended Learning is a combination of compact seminar and online competition.

MARGA Blended Learning - open program

The business simulation with the mix of diverse methods and media - MARGA Blended Learning

As a management training programme, MARGA Blended Learning uses the dynamism of the management simulation and combines the advantages of an in-class seminar with the strengths of an online competition. Its key advantages can be found in its combination of diverse learning formats and media: In both one-day in-class modules, current management knowledge is dealt with and developed within the context of personal dialogue. The participants consolidate these interrelationships in an exciting management competition and apply them in specific management decision-making situations - interlocked in terms of their content through the Online Course "Financial Basics", webinars, individual online debriefing sessions as well as tutorials.

Active support of the teams

The MARGA management team actively supports the teams via web-conference, e-mail and telephone during the self-directed learning phase. This phase extends over a two months 'on-the-job' period and through the continual application of the management instruments, creates incomparably sustainable learning success.

  • At a glance

    What: MARGA Blended Learning combines the advantages of an in-class seminar with the strengths of an online competition.

    Who: Managers and potential managers who want to broaden their knowledge of management and implement controlling instruments.

    When: MARGA Blended Learning takes place in spring each year, both in English and in German.

    How: Participation is possible for both individuals and teams.

    Duration: 2 days of in-class seminars, one as kick-off and the other as final, and a 2 months long online competition on the job.

  • Sequence

    MARGA Blended Learning is an online-based business simulation combined with two in-class modules.

    First in-class module: Basic training of business management

    The first in-class module is a kick-off.

    Online Competition: Implement learning contents

    Afterwards, the teams spend four periods (two months) playing the Online Competition. The participation is independent of location and supported by the web-based MARGA Software as well as web conferences.

    Second in-class module: Consolidating and Understanding

    The last two periods of the business simulation take place live during the second in-class module. At the end the winning team will be chosen.

  • Schedule

    Class module 1 (kick-off): TBD           

    Online Phase

    Class module 2 (final): TBD


MARGA Blended Learning becomes MARGA Management Training: Blended Learning

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MARGA offers the rare possibility to learn from expensive mistakes at a convenient price.

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