MARGA Business Simulations at your corporate event

MARGA at your corporate event

Are you planning a corporate event and still looking for a team activity?

Our business simulation MARGA is an absolute highlight at company events, because it combines enthusiasm, team building and management know-how.

At MARGA, your employees act as board teams. They are challenged to position their virtual companies in different global markets. Thereby, they take part in an exciting and dynamic competition against other companies. Which company will be most profitable in the end of the competition? This awakens everyone's motivation and ambition, combined with fun and enthusiasm. The event ends with a comprehensive debriefing and a festive award ceremony.

Book MARGA for your next management meeting for executives or experts, for professional conferences or congresses. Our events can take place as face-to-face event or entirely online and you can change the format with great flexibility

Target groups:

We are technically and personally aligned to large numbers of participants in corporate events.

In the business simulation, we network your employees and confront them with an entrepreneurial challenge.

Participation does not require any prior business knowledge and is therefore suitable for every industry and every area of a company.  

Time frame:

At least four hours are required for a sustainable learning effect, as the competition runs through several consecutive simulation periods. In case you would like to integrate MARGA within the framework of a company event, it can be flexibly adjusted from a half-day event up to several consecutive days.

Benefits of MARGA at your company event at a glance:

✔ Knowledge transfer with fun factor

✔ Learning by Doing in the business game

✔ Strengthening of team spirit

✔ Overall Perspective of a Company

✔ Entrepreneurial Thinking and Acting

✔ Motivation due to competition

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At an internal event, our employees took on the role of decision-makers with the help of the MARGA business game and tried to conquer the top position in various "markets" in teams. The event took place virtually and worked very well thanks to the comprehensible software and the competent support of the Marga experts. The "playful" insights into the complexity of management processes were very instructive and also great fun. Thanks to MARGA!

Rebecca Hartmann, SWR Media Services

Some of our references:

Copyright: Senvion
  • Industry: Wind turbines
  • Number of participants: 90
  • Location: Hamburg, Germany
  • Target group: Top international managers

Development of a simulation-based MARGA Business Case adapted to the competitive situation and customer-specific KPIs for the Senvion Annual Management Meeting.

Copyright: Continental
  • Industry: Tires
  • Number of participants: 275
  • Location: Riga, Latvia
  • Target group: International managers

For the annual Management Meeting of the Tire division, Continental authorized MARGA Business Simulations to develop a customized business case.

Copyright: Volkswagen
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Number of participants: 80
  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Target group: International auditors

Volkswagen authorized MARGA Business Simulations to run a half-day face-to-face corporate event at the 'Global Audit Conference' in Prague.

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