Board Game Seminar 'Financial Basics'

Board Game Seminar
'Financial Basics'

Our Board Game Seminar conveys basic managerial accounting in a playful and hands-on manner.

Divided into teams, the participants are challenged to actively lead their own organization. In doing so, they literally see (and hear) how their money increases or diminishes on the board, induced through their own corporate decisions.

Learning contents:

  • Managerial targets within accounting
  • Liquidity and profitability
  • Balance sheet, income statement as well as cashflow statement
  • Annual report and financial statement analysis
  • Performance measurement systems
  • Cost accounting and cost management

Seminar course:

The two intensive seminar days take place at the Marriott Hotel in Cologne (Germany).

Here we work on several consecutive business periods. Each period ends with a detailed feedback and analysis through our seminar manager.

During the individual business periods the participants get involved in detail with the figures of their company. Based on the corporate processes they illustrate the thereby resulting monetary flow by moving coins on the board. The result is an entire annual financial statement which they generate all by themselves. This then is the basis for important business analysis and key figures which the teams work on together in detail.   

Cash flow, inventory, profit and the rate of return are core issues within the cockpit of an organization. They ensure financial transparency, which in the first place makes complex organizations controllable. Like this, success and failure turn both visible and measurable.

A highly skilled trainer conducts the teams through the entire seminar and above all gives them professional input.

Target group:

The Board Game Seminar 'Financial Basics' does not require any prior business knowledge. The seminar conveys the basics of the topic 'Finance and controlling'. Based on easily comprehensible business processes, the internal and external accounting system is gradually illustrated.

During the Board Game Seminar 'Financial Basics' the partipants experience,

  • …how operative and strategic decisions influence their business and how they are reproduced in the cost accounting,
  • …why this information is helpful in order to make target oriented corporate decisions and
  • …which influence and impact their own decisions have on the company as a whole.

Board Game Seminar

January 20-21, 2020

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Board Game Seminar

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Financial accounting is not easy to grasp, but who is able to look behind the figures, eventually gets the whole picture.

Dr. Christoph Heinen,
Managing Partner
MARGA Business Simulations

Board Game Seminar
'Financial Basics'

Next seminar dates:

January 20-21, 2020

Additional dates on request


The price for the open Board Game seminar 'Financial Basics' is 1,380 Euro plus VAT per person.
The price includes the participation fee and the seminar material as well as lunch and drinks during all seminar days.

Every fifth person of a company participates free of charge.

We offer special conditions for HR managers.

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Benjamin Breuer
Program Director

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