Warm Up Drills – The ball is up in the air again…

Between Online Competition and beach: Team Schrieverhoff/Wagner

Warm Up Drills – The ball is up in the air again…

A few weeks ago already, Marina and Silke, the two girls from the beach volleyball team Schrieverhoff / Wagner, sat down and dug deep into tournament dates, registration deadlines, training times and new tournament rules. Then it got serious: Just before the Easter holidays, they spent a whole week in a preparatory training camp in Turkey. Early preparation is the key to their challenging and exciting goal this year: to successfully play along in the German "smart beach tour" and to gain valuable points for the German Beach Volleyball Championship 2015 at Timmendorfer Strand. And that’s the goal Marina and Silke try to archive without fail - challenging the best German beach volleyball teams!

The teams in the MARGA Online Competition are also in "training camp" - in the test round, the teams make their first experiences with market sensitivities and resource management; at the same time, they become acquainted with their team members, get familiar with the MARGA Software and deal with organizational rules as well as with regard to contents. The participants read the MARGA Manual, analyze the Initial Situation, establish team meetings and save the deadlines. And also these teams have motivating target right from the beginning: the MARGA Live Final at Schloss Gracht. Those teams that are successful in their competitive group, meet the challenges of the different periods and manage to be among the top four teams, these teams can expect an exciting and celebratory final at Schloss Gracht!

Good preparation is everything - this is true for training times in the sand as well as for the test round at MARGA! Those who try new things, make mistakes, and reflect experience will start off on the right foot.

And as we accompany and support the MARGA teams along the Online Competition, we will also go with and cheer for Marina and Silke at the smart beach tour this year! We wish all teams that the set goals will be achieved and that the path will be rich in experience, joy, passion, and success.

So, here we go – at MARGA & in the sand! The ball is up in the air again…

Silke Schrieverhoff

Block player

Born December 19th, 1988 in Münster

182 cm

Student at the DSHS University in Cologne

Marina Wagner

Defence player

Born October 22nd, 1986 in Olpe

173 cm

Sports science graduate

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