Review: HR Webinar related to business simulations for trainees

Review: HR webinar related to "Business simulations for trainees"

On Friday February 27, 2015 we successfully started with our first HR webinar related to the topic "Business simulations for trainees".

In this webinar we have directed our business simulation MARGA to the needs of trainee programs. Which abilities are young professionals supposed to gain during their trainee program, which knowlege are they supposed to transfer in their later business and what are the benefits for the company? 

On the one hand trainees gain certain competences: Expertise and method skills as well as social and personal competences. On the other hand it is important for trainees to get to know their own company, to network and to focus not only to their own department but also on the whole company. Furthermore the company aims at employer branding, because interesting trainee programs attract high potentials.

Our Open Online Competition picks up all these aspects, from the view of the trainees as well as the customer company. Our colleague Janine Hirschfeld has examined this in her bachelor thesis in detail and also reported about the results during the webinar.

If you are interested in the topic "Business simulations for trainees", please contact us.

We are very happy about the great interest in our first HR Webinar and are going to offer further webinars on different topics for HR People in the future. We will inform you about those here on our website. To avoid missing one, please register for our newsletter!




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