For Nokia around the World: MARGA Inhouse Business Simulation

For Nokia around the World: MARGA inhouse competition

The program

Our customer Nokia is offering the development program ´Leading with Influence´ to its experts all over the world. The objective is clear: to provide the ability to run their areas of responsibility in an effective way to improve the value of the company.

The business simulation MARGA is an inherent part of this program. The business simulation trains the participants’ abilities to adapt their work and management decisions for achieving the targeted rates of Nokia, understanding the corporate strategy measures and to make the necessary changes in their area of responsibility.

The start: Two days customized business simulation seminar

MARGA starts the ´Leading with Influence´ program with a 2 day seminar that takes place in different Nokia agencies, among others in Beijing, Bangalore, Helsinki and Munich, as well as Chicago and Buenos Aires. Pretending to be the board team, the participants in this seminar lead a differentiated company in direct competition with their colleagues. The program is enriched with lectures and discussions about the current Nokia performance figures from the annual financial status and the current announcements of the CEO, including their meaning for the capital market and Nokia´s financial management system.

What Andreas Nill, LwI-Program Director and managing partner, MARGA Business Simulations, says:

"The participants are experts mostly with technical background. MARGA helps getting an idea about the big picture. More and more they develop an understanding on how to contribute to increasing the performance of Nokia. It is amazing to see how deeply participants get involved and at the same time strengthen their network."

The online phase: Who will become MARGA World Champion?

After each in-class seminar the board teams have to keep on directing their MARGA company in virtual team work. So they will apply the gained knowledge to increase the company value even further. Finally, as conclusion of the LwI program, there will be a virtual classroom-meeting four weeks after the in-class seminars. During this meeting participants have the opportunity to talk about their experiences and new gained leadership skills. In the end, the Management team which gained the highest company value, the MARGA Value Added, will be the MARGA Champion of the seminar.

Last year, for the very first time, Nokia arranged a Champions League for all MARGA Champions of the year. Thanks to this World Cup of Winners, the effort, and the fun participants have while running the MARGA company, can be used for an even more sustainable learning experience. So at the end of the MARGA year out of 26 participating teams there is one management team with the most profitable business strategy. And this team is awarded the MARGA World Champion by the Nokia Networks Group CFO, Samih Elhage.

What Francisco Menezes, the Nokia Initiator and sponsor of the 'Leading with Influence' program says:

"Our specialists are the basis for economic success. We can only compete with other companies and achieve a profitable, sustainable management, when they understand how leading a business works.“

Also in the running seminar year 2015 the starting signal for the sessions around the world has been given. This time we additionally go to Tokyo, Jakarta and Sao Paolo!

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