The winners of the MARGA Online Competition 2020/2021 have been determined!

The winners of the MARGA Online Competition 2020/2021 have been determined!

After an exciting two-day final the winners of this year's MARGA Online Competition have been determined. Congratulations to team 21 of WAF - the academy for further education of Nuertingen-Geislingen University!

In the big final on May 27th and 28th the four finalists met each other virtually for the first time and gave impressive performances. The last period of the competition was played in a neck-and-neck race, in which Team 21 of the WAF started the race as first of the group with a lead of 35 million euros. After a strong comeback of the other teams, it got really exciting again.

The final four of the MARGA Online Competition 2020/2021 had already been determined in April. Thanks to efficient teamwork and the most successful corporate strategies, the following teams qualified for the final round:

Team 21: WAF Weiterbildungsakademie

Team 22: WAF Weiterbildungsakademie

Team 2: ENNI Energie & Umwelt Niederrhein

Team 4: Schott

The four finalist teams faced a completely new, challenging initial situation in this final round. All participants were eager to prove their newly acquired knowledge, as everyone was keen to win the legendary MARGA Oscar. In the past few weeks, the teams carried out the first decision periods of this last round online. Due to the Corona restrictions, we were unable to hold the live final as a festive face-to-face event, as it would usually have been. Instead - like in the previous year - the final took place as a large online event spread over two afternoons. Here the members of all four teams met each other virtually for the first time and gave impressive presentations of their companies and teams. The decisions for the last and decisive period were then made in virtual teamwork within a tight time frame.

At the festive conclusion of the competition on May 28th, all employees of MARGA Business Simulations and the four finalist teams, representatives of the partner companies ESMT Berlin and the Handelsblatt Media Group as well as 13 guests of honor from the respective companies came to support and encourage their teams. Some of the team members participated from foreign countries like Brazil and the USA, so there was a live broadcast around the globe.

In the end, team 21 of WAF prevailed against its strong competitors by 13 million euros and positioned itself on the upper step of the winners’ podium. Congratulations!

"MARGA conveys complex correlations in a company in a playful and risk-free manner. It demands and promotes entrepreneurial thinking and acting for a successful steering in a highly competitive market. Winning the Online Competition was the highlight of a long and challenging journey – digital game based learning at its best." – Winning team of WAF

The Final Ranking

WAF (Team 21)                    47 Mio. € MARGA Value Added

WAF (Team 22)                    34 Mio. € MARGA Value Added

ENNI (Team 2)                     30 Mio. € MARGA Value Added

SCHOTT (Team 18)         - 190 Mio. € MARGA Value Added

Impressions of the Award Ceremony

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