The finalists of the Online Competition 2019-2020

The finalists of the Online Competition 2019-2020

Online Live Final on October 29 and 30, 2020

The four finalist teams had already been determined in April. Thanks to efficient teamwork and a clever corporate strategy, they qualified for the final round of the MARGA Online Competition 2019/2020.

In the past few months, the teams carried out the first five decision periods of this last round online as usual. All four teams have created great articles, quotes, photos and videos for us to introduce themselves here (see below).

Quite different from usual, this year´s final did not take place in a festive face-to-face event, but - due to the pandemic - during an online event spread over two afternoons. Here the members of all four teams met each other virtually for the first time and gave an impressive presentation of their companies and teams. The decisions for the last and decisive period were then made in virtual teamwork within a tight time frame.

At the festive conclusion of the competition on October 30th, all employees of MARGA Business Simulations and the four finalist teams, representatives of the partner companies ESMT Berlin and the Handelsblatt Media Group as well as guests of honor from the respective companies came to support and encourage their teams. Some of the team members participated from Asia and the USA and there was a live broadcast around the globe to bring the successful competition together.

In the end, the team of Vinnolit prevailed against its strong competitors and positioned itself on the upper step of the winners’ podium. Congratulations!

The final ranking:

Vinnolit (Team 6)

Bayer (Team 7)

Continental (Team 47)


357 mil. € MARGA Value Added

356 mil. € MARGA Value Added

255 mil. € MARGA Value Added

102 mil. € MARGA Value Added

Impressions of the Award Ceremony

The finalists introduce their teams:

Months of hard work paid off! In the end it was a close race for the first four places, but now we proudly present the finalists of the current MARGA Online Competition. Congratulations to the teams of Vinnolit, Continental, Bayer and Atlas Elektronik!

Due to the current Corona crisis, the live final cannot take place in May 2020, as originally planned. Therefore, we have extended the final round to several months. This gives the teams more time for the decision-making during the first five business simulation periods, which take place online as usual. Additionally, the teams have the opportunity to introduce themselves here in our blog.

Team 7: BAYER AG

The team members:

Andreas Blank, Berlin

Jan Botthof, Berlin

Lea Kremer, Leverkusen

Felix Roesicke, Darmstadt

Ruth Shah, Berkeley

Tobias Unkauf, Berlin

A Fun + Valuable Experience!

"Overall, this Business Simulation has been a challenging, yet extremely valuable experience. As scientists and engineers we have learnt a considerable amount about the breadth and depth of financial and strategic decisions that go into running a company. Working as an agile team on an unfamiliar topic and pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones has truly been fun, and these learnings will stay with us for a long time to come."

Team 6: Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG

The team members:

Catherine Bahlmann

Dieter Faltermeier

Alexander Geltl

Johannes Massold

Barbara Weber

Statements of the team:

"We are used to have agile discussions during our MARGA Board meetings in order to be able to combine the different views and approaches in a common strategy. If the selected strategy then leads to the hoped-for success, this is of course the best reward for our team."

"MARGA promotes interdisciplinary collaboration across multiple departments and locations and cannot be stopped by Corona either."

Team report of the Vinnolit team (pdf)

Team 47: Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH

The team members:

Mike Kachin, Head of Sales (North America)

Sanjeev Bansal, BU Controller (Germany)

Cerdwin Ching Woon Yap, Pricing & Market Intelligence Manager (Malaysia)

William Henley, Territory Sales Manager (New York, USA)

Ruth Choy Ji Yi, Product Development Manager (China)

What MARGA taught us:

"MARGA provided me a good platform to strengthen my end to end business mindset."

Cerdwin Ching Woon Yap

"MARGA strengthened my belief in fact-based decision making."

Sanjeev Bansal

"MARGA gave me the chance to improve my business acumen & to simulate how different decisions can influence the business success & sustainability in unexpected time."

Ruth Choy Ji Yi

"MARGA has been a great experience for me. I really enjoyed working internationally with my team and learning inside out on business."

Mike Kachin

"MARGA has given me more of an understanding in the intricacies of prioritizing divisions of sales at different times in order to increase overall value."

William Henley


The team members:

Sarah Bullwinkel

Bernhard Cebulla

Nell Gryschka

Alexander Hofer

What virtual teamwork can also mean... ;-)

"Do you hear me? I can´t hear you."

"There are some background noises again."

"I can´t see the shared screen."

"I want to go to the final in Berlin!"

"Isn´t the final in Düsseldorf?"

"Doesn´t matter - the main point is final!"

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