Robert Bosch wins MARGA Online Competition

Robert Bosch wins MARGA Online Competition

Six months ago, the participants immersed into the world of MARGA and overnight they turned into the board of an international company. In two Qualification Rounds the top four teams emerged and finally they celebrated the big live final at Schloss Gracht with a gala dinner, the MARGA team and various guests of honor on Thursday.

In spite of the sunny whether and the festive atmosphere, there was strain in the air when the finalists of the MARGA Online Competition met personally for the first time at Schloss Gracht on Thursday. Even the MARGA team was curious to see who was behind all the questions which came in via email and on the phone during the course of the competition.

At the introduction round, the teams presented themselves and their businesses and we all learned a lot: e.g. about the huge application field of a laser, how much a small chip can really move and much more... And there was one thing that all companies had in common they are best performers in their particular industrial sector. And most importantly: all teams made it to the final at Schloss Gracht with a lot of work, dedication and teamwork.

Congratulations to Robert Bosch who in the end was nominated as MARGA champion 2015, after a clear start-finish victory! Also congratulations to the teams of Micronas, Domino Laser and Vinnolit, which also delivered an outstanding performance in the business simulation.

"28 weeks of work, 15 periods of business simulation, 12 hours time lag, 10 different Bosch locations, 8 communication channels, 5 trainees, 4 business units, 2 qualification rounds, 1 great winning team!"'
Winning team of Robert Bosch 2015

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