Online Simulation meets the current trend: Study shows increase in distance learning

The new distance learning study of 2014 shows a significant increase of 3% in the field of e-learning with further positive growth forecast. With a share of 25% both business and commercial practice are the training topic with the highest demand. Age and sex are irrelevant.

Besides the already well known reasons for distance e-learning, such as time and money saving, less travelling as well as the flexible division of learning units, the experience of Wolfgang Hanfstein of the Pink University shows that most of the DAX companies nowadays have different requirements in comparison to a few years ago. Especially the requirement of '70/30', the 70% standing for digital further education and only 30% standing for in-class education, with individual learning media clearly fosters the demand of distance learning.

Participants of distance e-learning measures distributed according to the topics

Distance learning statistics 2014 (German)

Makes you experience management "live" - web-based, self-directed and independent of location

Hence the MARGA Online Competition thoroughly meets the current trend. The participants run a simulated company and compete against each other as management teams. During the course of the business simulation they experience sophisticated distance learning, accompanied by comprehensive tutoring. They position their products and services on the virtual market and manage all business processes in direct competition.

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