MARGA Online Competition 2022/2023

The MARGA Online Competition started into a new round on November 08. Over the next six months, the 31 participating teams will be in direct competition with each other to manage their own virtual company with all its functional areas. Who are the TOP 4, what exciting challenges do the teams face, how do they do in the individual game periods and who will enter the final at the end of the main round? Here we will keep you up to date with all the latest news and information!

We look forward to an eventful and exciting competition!


Test round

Altogether 31 teams set off into this year’s MARGA Online Competition. By now, the kick-off sessions, in which each team receives a detailed introduction into the simulation course and software through a MARGA tutor, have already been carried out. The teams have now moved on to the test round. Here they are given two periods to get acquainted with their new role as management of their virtual MARGA company - a renowned global player. All participants are now challenged to organize themselves within their teams and as a first step to get to know the overall market behavior. As there is no ranking during the test round, we advise all teams not to concentrate on the profit yet, but rather to find out the effect drivers and the overall customer preferences. 

The teams had to make their decisions for the first simulation period of the test round by 23 November. So far it was only possible to see the consequences of one's own decisions in plan mode: How does the MARGA Value Added change if we lay off 1,000 employees, buy raw materials in stock, or change our payment behavior? But after the market simulation, the teams also see for the first time the influence of their competitors' decisions on the market and on their own company. 

The deadline for the decision of the second test period is December 14th. On this day we will reset everything and all teams will start again into the first qualification round from ‘zero’ – however with the acquired knowledge of the test period. 

We wish all teams a successful start and lots of ‘wow effects’! The MARGA tutors are pleased to answer your questions.


Jannis Tenhaeff


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