Online Competition 2018/2019

MARGA Online Competition 2018/2019


The final round of the MARGA Online Competition consists of five periods, three of which are held online as usual. The four finalist teams of the companies Robert Bosch, Lumileds and Develey faced a completely new, challenging initial situation in this final round. A well-thought-out strategy and efficient teamwork could have secured the decisive competitive advantage.

All teams met each other personally for the first time at the live final which took place at the Schlosshotel Walberberg in Germany on May 23, 2019. Here the competition came to its last challenge in the final round. In the end, all participants were eager to prove their newly acquired knowledge once again, as everyone was keen to win the legendary MARGA Oscar. The official award ceremony took place in the evening. It started in the evening with a champagne reception at the Schlosshotel Walberberg. The guests of honour from the companies celebrated together with their winning teams at a festive gala dinner.

Last but not least, Robert Bosch's team prevailed over its strong competitors and emerged as winner of the MARGA Online Competition 2019. Some of the team members were stuck in projects in both China and the US and thus were unable to participate in the live finals. Despite the time difference, their team colleagues connected with them via skype and like this they were able to join the exciting award ceremony.

"The participation in the Online Competition was a really special training method, not just because of the business simulation itself, but mostly because of the great collaboration of our cross-functional JMP team. Thank you for the team spirit like a Bosch" says Verena Ihring, Junior Manager Program, Robert Bosch.

Main Round, Period 6

The main round is finished and the finalists of the MARGA Online Competition are Develey (Team 53 and Team 54), Lumileds (Team 57) and Bosch (Team 23). Congratulations!

During an exciting last period the four finalist teams were able to reach impressive results measured by the MARGA Value Added (MVA). The first ranked team of Develey has clearly won the race with over 100 million Euro accumulated MVA advantage. However, there is not even one million euros left between the second and the fourth ranked team - it has never been so close!

And now - what´s next?

Today the four finalists start into the final round. Three of the total five periods will be managed online as usual. The last two decision periods will take place on May 23rd during the live final at the 'Schlosshotel Wallberberg' before the winning teams will be celebrated. Who will be the MARGA champion at the end? Ofcourse we will infom you at this place. We, the MARGA team, are already excited and are looking forward to meet the fnalist personally. 

One thing is certain: All teams have learned a lot and only due to high commitment and a lot of hard work they were able to leave their competitors behind and to reach the final.

Ranking Online Competition 2018/19, Main Round, Period 6

Ranking Online Competition 2018/19, Main Round, Period 6

Main Round, Period 5

Ranking Online Competition 2018/19, Main Round, Period 5

Ranking Online Competition 2018/19, Main Round, Period 5

The teams of the MARGA Online Competition are on the home stretch. Although the MARGA companies are set up for long-term success, there are nevertheless a few possibilities for the MARGA Boards to enhance the success towards the end of this round. For example, a yet unknown entrepreneur plans to open a new production site in Asia and urgently needs used machines. He is willing to buy the old machines for very attractive prices - i.e. he pays 80 percent of the remaining book value. Will the teams take this offer and thereby pass on the production capacities during the last period?

The competition is still on fire: Develey's two teams, as well as two teams of the companies Lumileds and Bosch, continue to hold their top positions - only the order in the top four places has changed. However, some teams were able to reach very high MVAs during the fifth period, some over 100 million euros. This is also expectable in the last period, thus the competition is still open.   

Lots of success for the last period of the Main Round!

Main Round I, Period 4

Rising costs for recruitment and layoffs, as well as salaries for skilled and unskilled workers are challenging the teams in the new period. Will they find other cost reduction potentials to offset rising production costs?

The ranking has changed: The teams of the first three ranks have swapped places, but a second team of the company Develey has made it into the top 4. Between the first and the second are less than two million cumulative MARGA Value Added - so the competition is still open!

Lots of fun and success for the fifth period!

Ranking Online Competition 2018/19, Main Round, Period 4

Ranking Online Competition 2018/19, Main Round, Period 4

Main Round, Period 3

Ranking Online Competition 2018/19, Main Round, Period 3

Ranking Online Competition 2018/19, Main Round, Period 3

The third period, which represents a special challenge with capacity bottlenecks due to holidays, has been mastered by the teams. Most MARGA companies compensated the vacation period by ordering trade goods, preproduction or with temporary workers.

The struggle for a place in the final remains exciting: The team of ENNI Energie & Umwelt has made it to the top four teams.

So now to all MARGA boards: It’s time to carefully analyze your reports, study your competitors, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the MARGA Service Line! Lots of success for the second half of the Main Round! 

Main Round I, Period 2

Here we go: the first two periods of the qualification round are made, and the teams can analyze the annual reports of their competitors. The balance sheets for example give information on: Who has invested in new machines? Who has a lot of raw materials on stock? Did the competitors already prepare for the coming vacation period? Which market strategies do the teams aim at?
This and even more can be analyzed and used for their own planning of the following periods.

Furthermore, the vacation period has started and has to be planned carefully: One third of the workers is not available for production in the third period. Thus, the non-productive personnel costs will significantly increase. How will the teams manage this period? Have they recruited workers, or will they make use of overtime and temp workers? Have they bought trade goods or pre-produced to increase the stock?

There are a lot of decisions to be made in the third period and the teams will face new challenges.

Lots of fun and success for the third period!

Ranking Online Competition 2018/19, Main Round, Period 2

Ranking Online Competition 2018/19, Main Round, Period 2

Main Round I, Period 1

Ranking Online Competition 2018/19, Main Round, Period 1

Ranking Online Competition 2018/19, Main Round, Period 1

The first results after the Test Round of the MARGA Online Competition are online. After the feedbacks on the Test Round in January, all teams motivated started into the Main Round.

Now the 'real' competition starts and the teams are preparing for the next periods. They have to analyse and plan a lot. E.g. the segment report, which shows all earnings and expenses as well as the period result divided to the three products. Or the market research report which helps to analyse the market reactions on the competitors´ marketing decisions.

Now it´s up to the teams to achive a good postion within their competitive groups. We are looking forward to talk to the teams in the meantime. We wish you lots of success!

Test round, Period 3

The teams of the MARGA Online Competition 2018/2019 have received the results of the third and last period of the test round. Now they can start analyzing their results. At the end of each round all teams additionally receive the annual report and thus are able to compare all key figures while analyzing the strategies of their competitors.

In the approaching main round, new challenges as well as new competitors are waiting for them. To make sure that all teams are well prepared for the upcoming round, we offer a "Transfer into the Main Round" web-conference for each group in January. Here we will analyze what happened on the markets during the test round and give some hints on the upcoming main round.

We wish all teams of the MARGA Online Competition a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to the year 2019! 

Test round, Period 2

In the second period of the test round, the teams had the first opportunity to enter a new market. As in reality, initial investments ("market entry costs") are necessary and the board members have to weigh costs and potential. In the market research report, the teams see after the simulation which of their competitors have decided to enter the new market. The sale starts in the new market segment already in the third period.

We wish all teams much success for the last test period.

Test round, Period 1

Today was the deadline for the decisions of the first simulation period of the test round. How exciting! During the plan mode the teams are only able to see the impact of their own decisions: How will the MARGA Value Added change if we fire 1,000 workers, buy raw materials on stock or change the payment conditions? But today, after the market simulation, the teams also see the impact of their competitors´ decisions on the market and their own company. 

The test round consists of three periods. During this time, the teams have the opportunity to get acquainted with their new role as board members of their virtual MARGA company - a renowned global player. All participants are now challenged to organize themselves within their teams and as a first step to get to know the overall market behavior. As there is no ranking during the test round, we advise all teams not to concentrate on the profit yet, but rather to find out the effect drivers and the overall customer preferences. 

There are always two weeks between the deadlines. The deadline for the decisions of the third and last period of the test round is December 19th, 2018. On this day we will reset everything and all teams will start again into the main round from ‘zero’ – however, with the acquired knowledge of the test round. 

We wish all teams a successful start and lots of ‘wow effects’! The MARGA tutors are pleased to answer your questions.

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