MARGA Online Competition 2018/2019

The MARGA Online Competition starts in November 2018 and ends with a great live final in May 2019. Inbetween you will regularly find all important information here. You will always be informed about the leading top 4 of the competition, the different challenges of the teams and all further details which are important for the Online Competition.

We wish all participating teams a good start and are looking forward to an exciting competition! The MARGA tutors are always pleased to answer your questions.


Scribble: Your objectives as a board of the MARGA company (3:11)

Scribble: Your objectives as a board of the MARGA company (3:11)

Test round, Period 3

The teams of the MARGA Online Competition 2018/2019 have received the results of the third and last period of the test round. Now they can start analyzing their results. At the end of each round all teams additionally receive the annual report and thus are able to compare all key figures while analyzing the strategies of their competitors.

In the approaching main round, new challenges as well as new competitors are waiting for them. To make sure that all teams are well prepared for the upcoming round, we offer a "Transfer into the Main Round" web-conference for each group in January. Here we will analyze what happened on the markets during the test round and give some hints on the upcoming main round.

We wish all teams of the MARGA Online Competition a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to the year 2019! 

Test round, Period 2

In the second period of the test round, the teams had the first opportunity to enter a new market. As in reality, initial investments ("market entry costs") are necessary and the board members have to weigh costs and potential. In the market research report, the teams see after the simulation which of their competitors have decided to enter the new market. The sale starts in the new market segment already in the third period.

We wish all teams much success for the last test period.

Test round, Period 1

Today was the deadline for the decisions of the first simulation period of the test round. How exciting! During the plan mode the teams are only able to see the impact of their own decisions: How will the MARGA Value Added change if we fire 1,000 workers, buy raw materials on stock or change the payment conditions? But today, after the market simulation, the teams also see the impact of their competitors´ decisions on the market and their own company. 

The test round consists of three periods. During this time, the teams have the opportunity to get acquainted with their new role as board members of their virtual MARGA company - a renowned global player. All participants are now challenged to organize themselves within their teams and as a first step to get to know the overall market behavior. As there is no ranking during the test round, we advise all teams not to concentrate on the profit yet, but rather to find out the effect drivers and the overall customer preferences. 

There are always two weeks between the deadlines. The deadline for the decisions of the third and last period of the test round is December 19th, 2018. On this day we will reset everything and all teams will start again into the main round from ‘zero’ – however, with the acquired knowledge of the test round. 

We wish all teams a successful start and lots of ‘wow effects’! The MARGA tutors are pleased to answer your questions.

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