ONE team – on the playing field and in the MARGA Online Competition

ONE team – on the playing field and in the MARGA Online Competition

Are you already multiplying – or still summing up?

It’s not always easy to take decisions within a team; however, how you work together in a team is crucial for success! The teams in the MARGA Online Competition as well as the beach volleyball team Schrieverhoff/Wagner experience this every day.

Last weekend, Marina and Silke had their first appearance in this season's 'smart beach tour'. At the smart super cup in Münster, the beach volleyball team played an exciting qualification round and succeeded in entering the main field. Unfortunately, they dropped out after two thrilling and hard-fought games. In their first match on Saturday morning, Marina and Silke competed against one of the top teams, Schillerwein/Tillmann; here, the audience watched a great match with exciting rallies.

He who works alone, adds - he who works with others, multiplies.

Friedrich Schiller

How do teams in your company work? How do they take decisions? Is there a certain routine for decision making? Do teams reflect what they like about their team work and if they see room for improvement? They might not always agree on everything – and that’s fine. When different opinions and perspectives meet, new and great things can emerge from it – if the energy can be transformed positively into collective decisions.

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