MARGA Business Simulations Christmas party 2016

Each year MARGA invites all its employees to a festive Christmas party. This year it turned out to be a very special event:

Usually MARGA consults its customers on how to train their employees to rely on each other and act together as a team, but at this years’ Christmas party it was the MARGA team itself which was challenged to demonstrate its team spirit under time pressure. The MARGA staff was invited to take part at an indoor live event in Düsseldorf called ‘Quexit’. It was an escape-room-event in which the MARGA team had to prove the capability to act together with a lot of phantasy and with a lucid mind as well as logical and analytical perception skills. We managed to solve all tasks within the predetermined time frame of one hour and in the end we successfully achieved the assignment to get hold of the key in order to escape from the room just in time.  

Afterwards we strolled around in the historic city center of Düsseldorf and celebrated our success at a well-known brewery with a delicious Christmas dinner and the typical beer called ‘Altbeer’.

Eventually this year is slowly coming to an end and we especially wish to thank you for your loyalty and the pleasant cooperation. We wish everybody interested in business simulations a great start into the new year and we look forward to many exciting new projects with you in 2017!

Season’s greetings!

Your MARGA team :-)

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