In the sand as well as the business simulation: With hard training to success

In the sand as well as the business simulation: With hard training to sucess

Meanwhile the teams of the MARGA Online Competition are now in the qualification phase. Here, expenditure of time and intensity of competition clearly increase. This is not always comfortable and requires detailed learning, hard training and a consequent strategy implementation.

While the trainers challenge the beach volleyball team in the sand, the MARGA teams are supported by the Service Line, feedbacks, and webinars by our tutors. 

Great things never came from comfort zones.

A real challenge: Decision-making under pressure of time

“What? The next deadline is on Wednesday?” Between your job, family and hobbies time is scarce; and the next MARGA deadline can easily take you by surprise. Nonetheless, you still need to submit your decisions in time – even if this is done in the eleventh hour. The beach volleyball team Schrieverhoff/Wagner would not live up to their last successes in the sand if they didn’t manage to take their decisions in time and often on short notice. Short-term action and quick decision-making are well known to Marina and Silke: On the playing field, they often have to rearrange, change their tactics, and play an alternative move. They have to adapt to their competitors and other conditions (e.g. injuries, weather, wind, and position of the sun). They proved their strong ability to take decisions under pressure of time again last weekend at the smart beach tour in Jena. We will keep our fingers crossed for them – and also for the teams of the MARGA Online Competition!

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