Exploit potentials of e-learning in the business game

Can't your in-class events take place as planned? Are you looking for a suitable alternative? Especially in this turbulent time, online learning is becoming increasingly important. As a time- and location-independent method, e-learning has clear advantages to in-class trainings. With MARGA, you can also reschedule flexibly until shortly before the start of the event. This is because our programs can take place live on site or completely online.

Advantages of web-based learning:

  • No business trips necessary
  • Cost savings
  • Hardly any downtime at the workplace
  • Time- and location-independent
  • Self-directed learning
  • Multilingualism
  • Suits any learning type

E-Learning through Online Simulations

Business simulations convey complex content in a playful and comprehensible manner. They train management correlations and make them tangible. 

All MARGA business simulations can be carried out completely ONLINE. A web-based and intuitive software is accessible on desktop as well as on mobile devices, regardless place and time. The participants determine their own learning pace and the sequence of the displayed learning content. The "MARGA Learning Center" offers a variety of different learning tools (online courses, webinars, tutorial videos, web conferencing system, tutorial notes). Depending on the prior knowledge and the  learning type of the participants, these can be used additionally during the course of the competition.

At MARGA, teams take over the management board of their own virtual company. They compete against their competitors in an exciting and realistic competition. In doing so, they develop strategies and turn them into operational decisions. Like this, the acquired management know-how is internalized in a particularly practical and sustainable manner.  The common challenge boosts both team and leadership skills.

Individual tutoring is the key to learning success

The personal support of the participants is our major strength: In addition to the self-directed online training, the participants are individually and comprehensively supported by experienced and competent trainers. This includes a virtual kick-off, unlimited personal tutoring via phone, email and chat as well as live webinars. The program will be concluded by an official final with an award ceremony via web conference.

Our benefits at a glance:

  • Virtual and asynchronous teamwork - global learning communities are created
  • Up-to-dateness and authenticity - current economic events and real operational challenges
  • Game-based learning - interactive and motivated learning through competition with a high fun factor
  • Learning type suitability - by application of different media
  • Flexibility - customizable content, complexity and format (online or face-to-face) 
  • Comprehensive tutoring - via web conference, e-mail, telephone hotline

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Open e-learning programs:

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Inhouse Programs

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One team, six people on four different continents and one decision to make - it is just great which possibilities we have today.

Finalist Anna-Lena Schulz, Volkswagen AG

"Particularly in the current times, it is important for us to offer our customers maximum flexibility at all times with regard to the schedule of our management trainings. Even if we have planned a joint face-to-face format, it is no problem for us to switch to an online event the day before if circumstances require it. As an expert in digital training, MARGA is ideally positioned for this. With our online business simulation, participants can also have an equally intensive and sustainable learning experience virtually. This is because we combine the imparting of fundamental management knowledge with game-based learning in the business game, teamwork, and individual support - both in our in-class events and online."

Dr. Christoph Heinen, Managing Partner, MARGA Business Simulations GmbH

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