MARGA Business Simulations goes China:
Business Simulation also available in Chinese now

Already for many years we carry out our business simulation programs internationally. Recently, we have noticed an increased demand for management education in the Chinese area. The Chinese companies follow the objective to foster and commit their staff to their employer. Therefore, besides German and English, from now on we offer our business simulation MARGA also in Chinese. The communication at in-class seminars will remain English, whereas the software and seminar materials are now additionally available in Chinese. In this way, we avoid language barriers and simplify the active learning processes.

In October 2017, our partner ESMT Berlin opened a branch office in Shanghai. Of course, the MARGA team was also represented at the opening ceremony. We have already been able to build valuable contacts locally and are now looking forward to exciting business simulation programs in China.

New: ESMT Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

ESMT has launched a new open enrollment program: Entrepreneurial Leadership Program. The program consists of two in-class modules with each five days in Shanghai and Berlin as well as an action learning project for 4-6 months.

Download Broschure Online Competition video (2:03)

Online Competition video (2:03)

Inhouse Business Simulation video (1:32)

Inhouse Business Simulation video (1:32)

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