HR Webinar: MARGA Online Competition

Webinar: MARGA Online Competition -
The Active Management Training

Next dates:

  • Friday, June 24, 2022, 2 pm (CEST)
  • Friday, September 02, 2022, 2 pm (CEST)

We offer further webinars on request.

Do you prefer to participate in German language?

Our webinars in German language take place on the same days at 10:00 am.

In the HR Webinar MARGA Online Simulation Competition 2022/2023 the speaker Dr. Christoph Heinen introducse the MARGA Online Simulation Competition. In addition, the target groups, the procedure and the content of the competition will be communicated.

Participation in the webinar is free of charge and non-binding.

Target groups: Who should use the simulation?

We explain how trainees and prospective managers, but also experienced specialists and employees on parental leave, benefits from the business game.

Procedure: How does the competition work?

What happens between the start in November and the final in spring? How are the teams structured? What are the costs? How much time does it take?

Contents: Which services are offered?

Of course we also answer which topics are covered by the simulation, how the tutoring works and which learning modules are offered.

In the global MARGA online simulation competition, the participants compete as a management team to lead a simulated company - web-based, self-directed and location-independent.

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Your speaker:

Dr. Christoph Heinen
Managing partner

tel.: +49 (0) 2235 406 364

The business simulation explained in 2 minutes

Online Competition at a glance

What: Teams participate via the Internet in the open MARGA Online Competition. Here, they take part in an exciting competition against other companies – right up to the final, to which only the best four teams are invited.

Who: Trainees and aspiring managers, but also experienced managers with or without prior management knowledge. More about the target groups

When: The MARGA Online Competition starts each year in November.

How: Participation is only possible in teams- comprising up to six persons.

Duration: The competition takes six months and the required time is approximately two hours per week.

Price: 3,160 € per team

Sequence of the Online Competition:

Test round: Warming up phase
The participants familiarize themselves with the contents and the MARGA learning environment and make their first test decisions. The target of the test round is not profitability but to find out the customer preferences. Thus the teams will be able to make target-oriented marketing decisions during the main round.

Main round: From now on every moment counts
Develop strategies and implement them in five periods, optimize your teamwork, correct analysis, and make decisions that promise success. During the main round we offer webinars to add a supplement to the simulation.

At the end of the main round there will be four finalist teams.

The live final: The goal is insight
From the four best teams the MARGA Champions will be ascertained. Three of the five final periods will be online as usual, the last two periods will take place at the festive live final. Competition, get-together, gala dinner, award ceremony.

The MARGA management team supports all participants with a comprehensive service. Among other things, this includes web conferences and debriefing sessions.

In addition to this, all teams have access to the MARGA Service Line during the whole competition.

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