HR Impulse: Conflict management

HR-Impulse: Conflict management in companies

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In today's world of diversity and change, conflict in the workplace is almost inevitable. Whether it's disagreements between team members, disagreements between departments, or major organizational challenges, conflicts can develop in a variety of ways and have a significant impact on productivity and employee satisfaction. Conflicts in the workplace impact the work atmosphere and can cause tension between employees.

Emerging conflicts are an indicator of resistance or divergent needs and expectations within the company. They offer an opportunity to identify them at an early stage and to deal with them in a consensus-oriented manner.

Effective conflict management in the company helps to create a healthy work environment in which employees can work well together. This also includes developing employees in this area. This is because trained employees are able to recognize and understand conflicts and resolve them in a constructive way. This leads to faster and more efficient conflict resolution, which maintains a productive and harmonious working environment.

In the future, we will offer the topic conflict management as one of our additional bookable webinars in our business game programs. This is because teams often face conflicts and disagreements in our business games as well. Overcoming these situations together promotes the participants' ability to deal with criticism and conflict. Through the webinar, we would like to offer the teams additional support.

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  • What are conflicts?
  • Functional and dysfunctional conflict costs
  • Conflict management - from element to system
  • Conflict management as an instrument of value-oriented corporate management
  • Conflict prevention and intervention
  • Getting to know and applying methods of conflict prevention and intervention in a business game setting
  • Q&A


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