Business Simulations method

The approach of business simulations

Business simulations are often used by Human Resource departments in order to improve the personnel development in terms of management knowledge. The target group is highly diversified and can reach from school and university students up to young professionals, experts, high potentials as well as junior and senior managers. The overall principle of simulations is: learnig by doing. As a management board the participants take up the responsibilities of a virtual company and make their own corporate decisions thus experiencing directly the consequences.  In fact, participants without any prior management knowledge often learn to make decisions in a cross-functional manner for the first time. In doing so, it becomes clear that all decisions made in one department have a direct impact on all other company divisions such as marketing, production, personnel as well as finance and controlling. Hence the simulation puts the participants into decisive situations which lead them to actively demand managerial and methodical knowledge, in order to be able to make well-grounded and sound decisions. And that is exactly what makes the method business simulation so effective: It arouses the participants’ inquisitiveness and they enjoy themselves. In combination with the repeated application of the newly acquired knowledge during the succeeding simulation periods, it clearly leads to a sustainable learning effect.

Online simulations offer an especially high flexibility concerning their application. The participation in the simulation takes place via browser log-in. In this way an integration into any corporate learning platform is easily practicable. Web-based simulations illustrate a market environment with rather complex and realistic surroundings. Online simulations are often favored by young target groups, since they have a particularly high media affinity and this kind of learning is fun and thus increases their motivation. Also the competition with other virtual companies is a driving force, which makes the learning process tangible and dynamical. Complex interrelations become real and emotional. Specifically web-based business simulations require self-directed learning and high motivation of the participants. This is why a comprehensive and proactive tutoring through expert coaches are a significant supplement to the self-directed learning.​ 

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Mit Unternehmensplanspielen Management erleben

Verena Jöriskes

in: "Das Impulse Workbook. Ihr Begleiter für mehr Erfolg und Zukunftsfähigkeit"

Gabal e.V., Hildesheim, 2016

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