Online Competition 2016/17

MARGA Online Competition 2016/2017

The MARGA Online Competition started in November 2016 and ends with a great live final in June 2017. Inbetween you will regularly find all important information here. You can always find the leading top 4 of the competition, the different challenges of the teams and all further details which are important for the Online Competition.

We as well as all participating teams are looking forward to an exciting competition!

Qualification Round II, Period 2

How do you plan with limited resources or how do you survive the MARGA vacation period without negative results? Which strategy might be the best for the company and what are the competitors up to? These discussions and further questions regarding the strategical direction of the MARGA company are becoming more complex, particularly because the teams can now make use of their experience from the first qualification round. Also they have gained knowledge on the economic and managerial coherences of the MARGA company and the different influencing parameters.

We are looking forward to support the teams and wish a successful preliminary planning for the vacation period.

Ranking Online Competition 2016/17, QRII, Period 2

Ranking Online Competition 2016/17, QRII, Period 2

Qualification Round II, Period 1

Ranking Online Competition 2016/17, QR II, Period 1

Ranking Online Competition 2016/17, QR II, Period 1

Analyzing reports and results, developing new long-term strategies and motivating the team – that’s what the MARGA teams did during the past days. At the end of qualification round I we offered a feedback session for each group with a detailed analysis of the past five periods. Furthermore, the teams got to know their competitors for the first time.

In qualification round II the teams will encounter new markets, challenges and competitors. We are looking forward to the new round and wish all the best for a smooth start!

Qualification Round I, Period 5

The first qualification round is done. Congratulations especially to all group winners! Particularly a consistent strategy and a clear differentiation on the market, but also self-organization and efficient team work were the keys to success in most of the groups.

What´s next?
We will end the first qualification round with a feedback round this week. During a web conference the MARGA tutors will review the five simulation periods with all four teams of each group. The main driving factors for e.g. market shares, variable costs, contribution margins, cost of capital and period results will be analyzed together. Thereafter all teams will start into the second qualification round. The challenges are a new simulation scenario and new competitors. The experiences made in the first round and gained knowledge concerning customer behavior and sensitivities provide a strong starting position compared with the first round, but: a strategy, which worked out in the first round, does not guarantee a successful round 2! With this in mind, we wish all teams a good start into the upcoming challenges and are looking forward to an exciting second qualification round. 

Ranking Online Competition 2016/2017, QR I, Period 5

Ranking Online Competition 2016/2017, QR I, Period 5

Qualification Round I, Period 4

Ranking Online Competition 2016/17, QR I, Period 4

Ranking Online Competition 2016/17, QR I, Period 4

Final spurt! The last but one plan period for the qualification round I was delivered and the expectations are big. Slowly, the winners are emerging and between 1st and 2nd place is a head to head fight.

The MARGA companies should aim at long-term success, nevertheless, there are still some possibilities to optimize the success of the last delivery period. However, what we advise all teams: stick to your strategy!

Now we are very curious to see whether the positive trend of the MARGA Value Addeds will remain stable also in period 5! And we are especially interested to find out who will assert themselves first in each group and will thereby meet the first criteria for the participation in the live final. We wish all participants a lot of fun at the planning and we keep our fingers crossed for the last period!

Qualification Round I, Period 3

Ranking Online Competition 2016/17, QRI, Period 3

Ranking Online Competition 2016/17, QRI, Period 3

The third MARGA period is always a challenge for the teams, because one third of their personnel is on holiday. A well-considered preliminary planning was necessary and now the teams can see, if they can be successful even with limited production capacities plus high personnel costs.

From period 4 onwards all employees are available again. Now the teams should use their resources optimally in order to create a high MARGA Value Added within the last two periods.

Good luck for period 4!

Qualification Round I, Period 2

Here we go: the first two periods of the first qualification round are made and the teams are able to analyze the annual reports of their competitors. The balance sheets tell a lot, e.g.: Who has invested in new machines? Who has a lot of raw materials on stock? Did the competitors already prepare for the coming vacation period? Which market strategies do the teams aim at?
This and even more can be analyzed and used for their own planning of the following periods by the teams by means of their annual reports.

Furthermore, the vacation period has started and has to be planned carefully: One third of the workers is not available for production in the third period. Thus the non-productive personnel costs will significantly increase. How will the teams manage this period? Have they recruited new workers or will they make use of overtime and temp workers? Have they bought trade goods or pre-produced to increase the stock?

There are a lot of decisions to be made in the third period, but the competition is still open. :)

Lots of fun and success for the third period!

Ranking Online Competition 2016/17, QRI, Period 2

Ranking Online Competition 2016/17, QRI, Period 2

Qualification Round I, Period 1

Ranking Online Competition 2016/17, QR I, Period 1

Ranking Online Competition 2016/17, QR I, Period 1

The first results after the test round of the MARGA Online Competition are online. After the feedbacks on the test round in January, all teams motivated started into the first qualification round.

Now the 'real' competition starts and the teams are preparing for the next periods. They have to analyse and plan a lot. E.g. the segment report, which shows all earnings and expenses as well as the period result divided to the three products. Or the market research report which helps to analyse the market reactions on the competitors´ marketing decisions.

Now it´s up to the teams to achive a good postion within their competitive groups. We are looking forward to talk to the teams in the meantime. We wish you lots of success!

Test round, Period 2

The second period of the test round is over and now all teams start analyzing their results again. At the end of each round all teams additionally receive the annual report and thus are able to compare all key figures while analyzing the strategies of their competitors.

In the approaching qualification round, new challenges as well as new competitors are waiting for them. To make sure that all teams are well prepared for the upcoming rounds, we offer a feedback for each group in January. Here we will analyze what happened on the markets and give some hints on how to implement strategies in MARGA.

We wish all teams a merry Christmas and are looking forward to 2017! 

Test round, Period 1

Altogether 64 teams set off into this year’s MARGA Online Competition. By now, most of the kick-off sessions, in which each team has already received a detailed introduction into the simulation course and software through a MARGA tutor, have already been carried out. At present the teams have now moved on to the test round. Here they are given two periods to get acquainted with their new role as board members of their virtual MARGA company - a renowned global player. All participants are now challenged to organize themselves within their teams and as a first step to get to know the overall market behavior. As there is no ranking during the test round, we advise all teams not to concentrate on the profit yet, but rather to find out the effect drivers and the overall customer preferences. 

The deadline for the decision of the second test period is December 14th, 2016. On this day we will reset everything and all teams will start again into the first qualification round from ‘zero’ – however with the acquired knowledge of the test period. 

We wish all teams a successful start and lots of ‘wow effects’!

The MARGA staff is very fond of all discussions and questions concerning the simulation and we are looking forward to get in touch with all teams during the course of the competition. Lots of success for the next period!




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